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Tensions kept escalating until, in February 2022, Russia publicly recognized the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk and launched a military attack on Ukraine, breaking out war between both countries. Aimed at building the capacity of women with disabilities to respond to the current context and facilitating their inclusion in humanitarian planning within LPAs. This initiative will also facilitate trainings on emotional response during crises, media analysis, communication with local authorities, and needs assessment approaches. As part of the project, women refugees will be hired and trainings will be conducted with LPAs on disability inclusion in humanitarian planning. The goal is to undertake community actions to make things more disability-friendly (e.g., building mobile ramps) and provide direct food aid and hygiene packages to vulnerable groups. For initiatives focused on delivering immediate goods and ensuring protection (e.g., providing safe spaces or facilitating access to services). It will also support peace volunteers to provide direct assistance to displaced women and children.

Our mission is to promote and develop educational and cultural efforts and provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians worldwide. We are guided by principles of Christian ethics, religious tolerance, political non-partisanship and universal respect for human rights. UN General Assembly recently adopted a resolution condemning all forms of sexual and gender-based violence and urging all countries to provide victims and survivors with access to justice, reparations and assistance. The United Nations reported in June it had collected 124 reports of alleged acts of conflict-related sexual violence but qualified that number as “the tip of the iceberg” and added that it did “not reflect the scale of sexual violence in the context of Russia’s war against Ukraine.” “In order for any humanitarian interventions to be effective, they must center the needs of women and girls and the security risks they face,” the report said.

Women in Ukraine continue to lead the fight for their country. They train to bear arms and provide support for frontline soldiers. They have also participated in community dialogues and reconciliation initiatives. They have also advocated for the elimination of gender discrimination and peacebuilding initiatives.

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During the invasion, Liubov Plaksiuk became the first woman to command an artillery division in the Ukrainian army. Tetyana Chubar, an artillery platoon commander, gained prominence on the internet after a video of her fighting during the Siege of Chernihiv went viral. At least one woman in the military has become a national hero – an unnamed female sniper who reportedly joined the Ukrainian Marines in 2017 and fought in Donetsk and Luhansk under the call sign Charcoal, before retiring in January 2021.

  • In early April 2022, it was reported that at least 869 education facilities or about 6% of schools in Ukraine had been damaged with about 83 completely destroyed and other classroom being used as emergency accommodation.
  • A 24-hour English-speaking hotline – online chats and call center – is operating for tourists if they need clarification on the information provided or prompt assistance in resolving problems and misunderstandings related to crossing the Ukrainian border.
  • An international conference on Women Peace and Security is being hosted by UAE with the aim of advancing the WPS Agenda and empowering women in the military and security sector.
  • While Ukrainians are extraordinarily united in their response to the war, that doesn’t mean they’re all fighting for the same peace.

Women Of Ukraine: How To Find, Date And Marry

Twenty years later, explosives are still being unearthed, making Kosovo – which unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008 – the perfect training ground for Starikova and the rest of the Ukrainian women who must learn how to safely dispose of UXOs. In 1999, NATO began a 78-day bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, dropping nearly 300,000 cluster munitions during their raids in an effort to stymie the ethnic cleansing of Albanians. Much like what’s happening today in Ukraine, thousands of those explosives failed to detonate, and continued to maim, dismember, and kill civilians after the war’s end.

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Our priority remains to safeguard the health, dignity and rights of women and girls, including to give birth safely and to live free from violence and abuse. Women and gender minorities protesting against the war have been targeted with significant brutality by Russian police, including threats of sexual violence. First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska has stated that “Our resistance, as our future victory, has taken on a particularly feminine face,” and has praised Ukraine’s women for serving in the military, raising their children in wartime, and providing essential services. Around 45 percent of Ukraine’s population suffer violence – physical, sexual, or mental – and most of them are women. Street women are the most vulnerable category; around 40 percent of them suffer from sexual violence, with 25 percent being under 18.

If you are able, consider making donations to the below organizations as an individual to support the people of Ukraine. Our main goal is to encourage foreign and Ukrainian tourists to travel around Ukraine, as well as provide up-to-date information on the rules of safe and comfortable state border crossing and stay in the country.

La Strada International on a project that aims to promote women’s resilience, with a focus on human rights and GBV, in the context of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The project will increase access to information and sensitization on sexual violence against women, provide specialized services for women and girls who are forcibly displaced and survivors of violence, and strengthen the capacity of local organizations to promote women’s rights during the crisis. Project aimed at enhancing the capacity of local public authorities to respond to the current crisis through the facilitation of trainings on providing humanitarian response, conducting gender-sensitive analysis of refugees, and including women and girls in the planning process. Through the establishment of crisis/emergency committees, local authorities will receive institutional strengthening, including the use of tools for monitoring and assessing gender-based needs. These committees will be supported by a mobile team of psychologists, lawyers, and doctors to provide services to women refugees and their families. Additionally, the project aims to train women and girls on Women, Peace and Security and build their capacities to analyze the current context.

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Despite this, the key decision makers and a majority of the combatants are men, often obscuring the increasingly vital role of women in the conflict, said Jenny Mathers, an expert in security, Russia and gender and conflict at Aberystwyth University in Britain. The new laws ended bans on women holding any of 450 occupations in Ukraine, a holdover from the Soviet era, when certain work was considered damaging to reproductive health. In addition to demining roles, that list had included long-haul trucking, welding, firefighting and many security and defense jobs. Legislation adopted in 2018 gave Ukrainian women the same legal status as men in the armed forces, and the shift drove a broader push for gender-inclusive labor reforms. Volunteers prepared food for internally displaced people in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, in June. They are increasingly joining the military, including in combat positions, and spearheading volunteer and fund-raising efforts. And with men still making up a majority of combatants, women are taking on extra roles in civilian life, running businesses in addition to looking after their families.

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The Russian army was attacking a military airfield near the couple’s home in Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine. Window for Women Human Rights Defenders New funding opportunities for the protection & participation of WHRDs in conflict & crisis. Kateryna shares her harrowing journey, grappling with survivors guilt and how difficult it is to come to terms with being called a refugee. TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Watching them is Natalia Koltarevska, a 55-year-old from Odesa who works as a lab technician in a maternity hospital. She is at the station preparing to return home to the Black Sea city after taking her two small grandchildren to the protection of the high hills of Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains.